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Jason Braden

Voice Actor, Narrator, Voiceover Artist





I am a voice actor/artist and narrator. I have recorded audio dramas, DVDs, Audio CD's as well as Audible books and am always looking to expand my horizons.

I have a moderately deep tone to my voice and can change pitch to sound like many different characters. My primary language is English but I'm able to act with a wide variety of accents both foreign and domestic.

I work out of home and have my own professional recording booth. This ensures that my audio is consistent on every project and always produces the very best quality.

If you would like to utilize my skills or ask any questions, please check my social media and contact information below.

Jason Braden


updates & appearances

My First Audible!

I recently had the pleasure of narrating the book, "I'm Gonna be a First-Time Dad" written by Nigel Boyd. The Audible for this wonderful read is now available for purchase! If you are a first-time, expectant father or know someone who will be, I highly recommend giving this a chance. As of this update, it has five stars and 36 reviews! Click HERE if you are interested in the book or check out the "My Work" section below as well. There is a 4-minute sample to listen to for free!

Extinguished Worlds

My next audio drama under the Adventurous Ideas umbrella is titled, "Extinguished Worlds". A plot-twisting, time traveling, superhero/villain story written by Patricia Gilliam. The first book, "What Goes Around, Extinguished Worlds: Book One" is available for Sale on Amazon HERE.

To help promote the story, I narrated the cover story to which Patricia put to a scrolling image of the book cover. Please watch below and, if you are interested, help support her by purchasing a copy!


I am very pleased and excited to announce the launch of Adventurous Ideas LLC! This company was founded by my friends Jerry Cornell and C. Andrew Nelson and serves as a launching pad for some exciting new audio shows. Our first story, Heroes of Extinction, is a tale of an aging superhero who in his later years, is beginning to lose his superpowers. In a city being overrun by ferocious mutants he must fight to solve the mystery of their presence and find a worthy replacement for his heroic duties! This is an amazing story written by Samantha Alban and Jay Bresovoir, narrated and directed by C. Andrew Nelson and has a full roster of amazing actors. 

Catch the first episode for FREE Christmas 2022 by visiting Here you can also read more about the company and many other exciting projects we have in the works. Please show your support and share the adventurous news today!

Mousecon (Concord)

I recently appeared on a panel at Mousecon in Concord California where my good friends C. Andrew Nelson and Jerry Cornell announced some very exciting news! Our new company (Adventurous Ideas LLC) launched this past Thanksgiving Day! Check out the update above for more information.


Shown left to right: Josh Shaffer, Jason Braden, Mary Gibbs, Jerry Cornell, C. Andrew Nelson and Gwen O'Conner


Shown left to right: Veronica Dempsy, C. Andrew Nelson, Josh Shaffer, Jason Braden, Jerry Cornell, Mary Gibbs

and Gwen O'Conner

Mousecon (Bakersfield)

I will be Bakersfield on Saturday January 28th! As usual, I will be at the Theme Parkology table with my friend Jerry Cornell helping to sell DVD's. I will also be a promoting Adventurous Ideas both at the table and on a panel at 11:00 a.m. Please come by and show your support! Update to come after the weekend!

My Work

My work


The Land Series: Fantasyland (DVD)
The Land Series: Adventureland (DVD)
The Land Series: New Orleans Square (DVD)
Character Series: Peter Pan, Never Grow Up (DVD)

The Backstories: The Haunted Mansion (CD)(Download)
Adventures Through Inner Space (CD)(Download)




Audio Samples

Audio Series: Chuck
Audio Series: Bill & Mr. Howe
Movie Characters
Audible Narration
Professional Greeting

More Coming Soon!


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