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The Lowdown at the Down Low

"Welcome to the Down Low, what'll it be?"... is the greeting you will hear from the owner (Chuck) at the beginning of each new episode of The Lowdown at the Down Low! This is a show where I have had the opportunity to interview the cast and crew of the audio series "Heroes of Extinction". Some of the actors I've been able to chat with are C. Andrew Nelson (Darth Vader), Kenny James (voice of "Bowser" from the Mario franchise), Mary Gibbs (voice of "Boo" from Monsters Inc.) and many more! New episodes drop every Wednesday so please listen, like, share and follow for more!

Heroes of Extinction

The first episode of the audio series Heroes of Extinction is now available to listen to for FREE! Unfortunately, I do not have a role in this particular episode but I do play several characters in the series; the most important one being Chuck the bartender. Please listen, like and subscribe to help support our group. The remaining episodes should be available fall of 2023. Stay tuned!

My First Audible!

I was given the honor of narrating the book, "I'm Gonna be a First-Time Dad" written by Nigel Boyd. The Audible for this wonderful read is now available for purchase! If you are a first-time, expectant father or know someone who will be, I highly recommend giving this a chance. It has a five star rating and some pretty awesome reviews about the narrator too! Click HERE if you are interested in the book or check out the "My Work" section of my site. There is a 4-minute sample to listen to for free!

Extinguished Worlds

My next audio drama under the Adventurous Ideas umbrella is titled, "Extinguished Worlds". A plot-twisting, time traveling, superhero/villain story written by Patricia Gilliam. The first book, "What Goes Around, Extinguished Worlds: Book One" is available for Sale on Amazon HERE.

To help promote the story, I narrated the cover story to which Patricia put to a scrolling image of the book cover. Please watch below and, if you are interested, help support her by purchasing a copy!


I am very pleased and excited to announce the launch of Adventurous Ideas LLC! This company was founded by my friends Jerry Cornell and C. Andrew Nelson and serves as a launching pad for some exciting new audio shows. Our first story, Heroes of Extinction, is a tale of an aging superhero who in his later years, is beginning to lose his superpowers. In a city being overrun by ferocious mutants he must fight to solve the mystery of their presence and find a worthy replacement for his heroic duties! This is an amazing story written by Samantha Alban and Jay Bresovoir, narrated and directed by C. Andrew Nelson and has a full roster of amazing actors. 

Catch this show and many more to come by visiting visiting Here you can also read more about the company and many other exciting projects we have in the works. Please show your support and share the adventurous news today!

Convention Appearances

I frequently attend Disney, comic and toy conventions with my friends Jerry and Andrew. Below are some pictures from several events and the amazing people I have been fortunate to meet and partner with on future projects. Follow me on social media to find out where I will be appearing next!



Shown left to right: Courtney Shaffer, Jason Braden, Veronica Dempsy, Jerry Cornell and C. Andrew Nelson



Shown left to right: Veronica Dempsy, C. Andrew Nelson, Josh Shaffer, Jason Braden, Jerry Cornell, Mary Gibbs

and Gwen O'Conner

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